Finding My Purpose

I participated in a Christian leadership class in which there was a discussion question given weekly. In responding to a particular student’s response, I agreed that Leaders do need to be well-rounded in shepherding. It can and should also be applied for every type of leader. Leadership is believed to be that it “flows primarily from who you are as a person” (Feldman and Mulle. 2007. 129). Paul stated that God had given some to be teachers, preachers, and evangelist, and prophets (Eph. 4:11, KJV). These are wonderful gifts from God.

To have accepted Jesus as one’s Saviour and in acquiring his truths provide much of the training aspects. It encourages the knowledge, skills and abilities which can only enhance one’s gift or gifts. The Training Specialist degree from Old Dominion University has indeed strengthened me in those areas. Only now, through this class is the realization that God had foreseen and opened the door for me to have such training for his purpose. I remember when I was seeking a direction, back in 2005, through the local community college. My adviser directed me to take the training specialist program. I can remember going to the adviser of ODU, midway the courses, seeking advice in whether or not to continue in the program. I remember praying beforehand, asking Father, “If I was to stay in this program of training, will you please let this adviser be a vessel, that you can pour through, to advise me whether or not I should continue this specific journey.” I came out of her office, that day, registered in the same program. I have asked Father numerous times through the years, “What in the world, am I going to do with this training?”

Upon reading the information provided for Christian leaders, I came across a statement that caused tears to fill my eyes. It literally jumped off the page, “Learn how God has equipped you to accomplish the specific tasks to which he has called you as a leader” (Towns. 2011, 73). That statement gave a profound clarity of who I am as a leader. It was as if Father had me look back in the past and he was unfolding the mystery right before my eyes. I now had eyes to see my position in leadership.

I am a Bible Teacher;

  • Teaching line by line, verse by verse, applying learned knowledge in day to day application.

Sharing How Natural God Is

  • Research – questions that others can’t answer.
  • Seminars – sharing thoughts that are brought from in-depth research which presents truths in Sharing How Natural God Is.
  • Training – introducing tools needed to study the Bible.
  • Singing – songs that testify and Praise God’s work in me.

It has been a long journey getting to this point, but for me to un-wrap my purpose; I have had to allow myself to answer the one question, “What is your passion?”


Feldman. Jeff. And Karl Mulle. Put Emotional Intelligence to Work: Equip Yourself for Success. : Virginia: ASTD Press. 2007  

Towns. Elmer. Dr. Biblical Models for Leadership. Online Ed. Ohio: Cengage Learning. 2011

2 thoughts on “Finding My Purpose

  1. This is a great testimony! God has definitely been working in your life. Keep up the
    good works!

  2. Belinda,
    You are an awesome leader. The Holy Spirit moves through your testimony. Your application of Biblical and life experiences encourage and prove to be joyful events. You have a great voice. I have learned much from you. Thank you for your prayer warrior spirit. You are definitely a loving, compassionate, and caring person.

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