We found the great pumpkin of 2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hello and Welcome to my page.

The picture provided on the left gives a glimpse into my life shared with my strong supportive husband, and sound man, Tim. Isn’t it grand!!

About me!

I am a Bible teacher/trainer/Gospel singer and servant/operator at Searching For God’s Truth.
My calling is to draw those who desire to investigate, evaluate, and contribute.

Searching For God’s Truth provides the platform of seventeen years of in-depth Bible study, research, and experience, implementing proven tenets for a deeper reading with understanding, the Bible.
It reverberates the combining of learned skills and life experiences by way of speaking, singing, teaching/training classes and seminars.
Vision:  Biblical values learned, applied, and achieving the happy, healthy, respectful, attitudes of gratitude, and unity within family, neighborhoods, in and around the rural and urban communities.

Searching For God’s Truth

-     Bible Teacher: investigates. Evaluates. Contributes

  • Ministerial Roles That God Allows To Be Filled By Women
  • Innate or Chosen: Homosexuality Cannot Be Exercised In The Christian Church
  • The Church: Its Residence
  • Angels
  • Fallen Angels
  • The Book of Jude Study

-     Seminars, Classes, and Workshops: Imports Biblical Values for Today’s World

  • God’s Marriage Proposal For Today
  • The Events of Peter

-     Gospel Singer: Sing Testimony in Song

Blog shares;

  • Biblical, Historical and Philosophical documentation found while Searching For God’s Truth
  • Answers to questions that have been sought through in-depth study.
  • Inspirational aspects that represent the actual fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 10:13.
  • The Dickerson Family
  • Belinda Butler Dickerson~

    Bible Teacher, Gospel Singer

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