We found the great pumpkin of 2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hello and Welcome to my page.

The picture provided on the left gives a glimpse into my life shared with my strong supportive husband, and sound man, Tim. Isn’t it grand!!

About me!

I am a Bible Teacher/Gospel singer and servant/operator at Searching For God’s Truth.
My calling is to teach inquisitive minds to investigate, evaluate, and contribute.

Searching For God’s Truth provides the platform of seventeen years of in-depth Bible study, research, and experience, implementing proven tenets for a deeper reading with understanding, the Bible.
Practical training includes Biblical principles through classes and seminars.

Vision:  Biblical values learned, applied, and achieved are practiced to instill the results of a happy, healthy, respectful, attitude of gratitude, and unity within the individual, family, neighborhoods, and the surrounding rural and urban communities.

Searching For God’s Truth

-     Bible Teacher: investigates. Evaluates. Contributes

  • Ministerial Roles That God Allows To Be Filled By Women
  • Innate or Chosen: Homosexuality Cannot Be Exercised In The Christian Church
  • The Church: Its Residence
  • Angels
  • Fallen Angels
  • The Book of Jude Study

-     Seminars, Classes, and Workshops: Imports Biblical Values for Today’s World

  • God’s Marriage Proposal For Today
  • The Events of Peter

-     Gospel Singer: Sing Testimony in Song

Blog shares;

  • Biblical, Historical and Philosophical documentation found while Searching For God’s Truth
  • Answers to questions that have been sought through in-depth study.
  • Inspirational aspects that represent the actual fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 10:13.
  • The Dickerson Family
  • Belinda Butler Dickerson~

    Bible Teacher, Gospel Singer

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