My latest accomplishment, Controversies Quieted By The Sword was established after thirty-four weeks of research and years of scriptural understanding defining; The Church: Its Residence, Ministerial Roles That God Allows To Be Filled By Women, Innate or Chosen: Homosexuality is Not to Be Exercised In The Christian Church, and the Study of Angels/Fallen Angels. The title went live on October 21, 2015. Available Now at http://bookstore.westbowpress.com/Products/SKU-000997953/Controversies-Quieted-By-The-Sword.aspx Available @ amazon, barnes & noble, mid-November, 2015.

Searching For God’s Truth provides the platform of eighteen years of in-depth Bible study, research and experience, implementing proven tenets for a deeper reading with understanding, the Bible.
Practical training includes Biblical principles implemented through classes and seminars.

The goal is to raise mental awareness to a higher level of understanding, reaching for the higher ways and thoughts of God. To instill the principles needed to produce a happy, healthy, respectful, attitude of gratitude, unity within the individual, family, and neighborhoods in the surrounding rural communities.

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