In 1997, the month of Thanksgiving had arrived and it was my final semester at the community college and I was diagnosed with a staph infection. Thanks to the great teachers who saw my sincere diligence at making the grade, I was able to complete the classes with a GPA of 3.29.

The doctor, who had been working with my digestive issues, had diagnosed me with an infection of staph that is prominent in the hospital environment. His field of medicine dealt with the conventional and alternative medicines. The method of alternative healing was suggested and followed upon, since I had shown many adverse side effects with the conventional medicines. Little did I know that the results of illness would play such a huge part in the growth of my spiritual life! Just before being diagnosis with staph, I began to ask God for his wisdom, to learn all I could about him. It was the many nights of awaking after one hour of sleep, feeling sick to my stomach, popping out in a sweat in the wee hours, till four in the morning before it would finally subside. It was during these sleepless nights I would surf the television channels, hoping to find something to comfort me in getting through the night.

One specific program unearthed to my surprise, one specific program that eventually stemmed the excitement of learning God’s word. The question of, “Have you ever known it was more to God’s word than what you were being taught” resonated, as I had spent my child rearing years hearing my momma tell daddy, there was more to God’s word than what we were being taught. It was the same program that the pastor stated that we were not to take his word or any other man’s word without searching it out for ourselves in the Word of God.

Earlier in the summer of 1997, I began studying in-depth the scriptures with the main study tool that both, the television pastor and my daddy encouraged; The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. This very tool had been given as a Christmas present to my daddy by my grandparents who had received it for their donation to Liberty University’s ground breaking buildings in the early 80’s. In seeking to search out the scriptures and prove the pastor wrong on a few things, the concordance revealed some things that had unmasked some interesting things. For instance; when searching out the word for wine in 1Timothy 5:23, the Strong’s Concordance revealed the Greek definition as 3631; a primary word (or perhaps of Hebrew origin [OT: 3196]); “wine” (literally or figuratively): KJV – wine. In seeking further; I grasped Heb.3196: yayin (yah’-yin); from an unused root meaning to effervesce; wine (as fermented); by implication, intoxication: KJV – banqueting, wine, wine [-bibber]. Yet, I had been taught by the church that it was grape juice instead of wine. Talking about confusion. Why would a pastor change such a thing! I was faced then with the question as to what was I going to believe? Was I going to accept the church or the documentation which was a Hebrew and Greek dictionary? I chose the Hebrew and Greek dictionary!!

There are many more instances that can be brought to view, another tale that has been taught is that Adam and Eve ate an apple; but, where is it written in the word of God that they ate an apple. The word apple is not in the story of Adam and Eve. Yet again, I had been taught as a child that Adam and Eve ate an apple. Yes, it was a fruit, but it does not say what type of fruit or does it? The Bible speaks that the seeds of the trees and plants are for meet and God saw all that he created and said it was good in Genesis 1:29. The apple is a healthy fruit for the body. How is it used in a negative connotation, when in reality, it is a symbol of good health?

For God to have given the command to be fruitful and multiply, and to know that Satan (fallen angel – Isa. 14:12, KJV) is always looking for ways to destroy our relationship with God, maybe we should ask “What was the forbidden fruit?” To look at the cause and effect, maybe the punishments will enlighten as well as the order of the punishment’s given for their sin and responsibility. Note the order of 1st the Serpent (Satan – Rev.12:9), 2nd Eve, and 3rd Adam; all are announced in order to be punished, as ordered by God (Genesis 3: 13-17).

These are just two of the in-depth studies that have unveiled truth. Maybe there is more hidden, within the traditions of men that have made void the word of God.

Another unveiling has been to learn of who the Kenites truly were and are. The children of Cain are identified in the Hebrew language according to Strong’s Heb. 7017 and Heb. 7014 following;
Hebrew – 7017: Qeyniy (kay-nee’); or Qiyniy (1 Chron. 2:55) (kee-nee’); patronymic from OT: 7014; a Kenite or member of the tribe of Kajin: KJV – Kenite. In following through, sought out was the OT: 7014 Qayin (kah’-yin); the same as OT: 7013 (with a play upon the affinity to OT: 7069); Kajin, the name of the first child, also of a place in Palestine, and of an Oriental tribe: KJV – Cain, Kenite (-s). The enlightenment of it staring me right in the face, I learned of it from The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. Yet, I had not learned of the Kenites, neither had a clue as to who they were let alone as they were of the children of Cain. Nor had I learned that they were participants brought in to be scribes due to the laziness of the children of Israel (1 Chron. 2:55). Never had I learned of them in the church.

I have since learned that pastors are taught only to teach a generalization of the Bible and with that knowledge much is left out, like that of the Kenites. If truth be acknowledged, aren’t we all to read the letter God has given us, for ourselves? Yes, Man has written it, but it has been inspired by God and it is his will that we read, study, receive, and do what He commands.

The issue of my fore-mentioned illness is looked upon as a blessing, not to be taken as God caused it, but believed that if it had not been, I would not have had the time or learned the sought out answers. Thanks to God for his continuous work in making good out of any bad/sad situation. The revelations unveiled, due to one pastor speaking the words of “Do not believe this man or any other man without checking him out in the word of God first” did its job for me, it got me into the word of God. For the graciousness of my God and Saviour Jesus Christ, I am most thankful for my daddy’s love of studying God’s word, for my grandparents participation in Liberty University’s growth through donation, the television pastor to whom God used to spark my interest; all of which has played and continues to play a part in Searching For God’s Truth.